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You ask your child to go upstairs, straighten his room, and bring his laundry down to the basement. He goes upstairs, gets distracted, and can’t remember what he was supposed to do next. *

You ask your child to wait while you finish a phone call before he tells you something important. By the time you finish, he’s forgotten what he wanted to say. *

Your child forgets to bring home the materials and books needed to complete a homework assignment. *

You ask your child who he played with at school. He remembers playing tag but not the names of the children he played with. *

Your child misplaces pencils, crayons, workbook, homework papers, books, and any other item that isn’t attached to her. *

During parent-teacher conferences, you are told that your child doesn’t listen or follow instructions. *

Your child has a hard time retelling the story that you just read to her and skips key details. *

Your child has difficulty staying on task. She is easily sidetracked moving from one activity to another, without finishing any of them. *

Your child has difficulty remembering all the steps required to solve a multi-step math or word problem. *

Your child has difficulty keeping in mind all the elements required to participate in a team sport. *

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