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We can only buy tagless clothes for our child – the looser the better. I wouldn’t even think about buying a wool sweater. Too itchy! *

Our daughter can’t stand being barefoot in the sand. *

Bath time often causes tantrums. Our son hates being sprayed with water and having his hair combed before bed. *

Finger painting is banned at play dates. My son hates anything slimy or sticky on his fingers. *

I can only use unscented detergent. Washing my son’s sheets with any scent is sure to cause a meltdown. *

Thunderstorms terrify my daughter. The loud booms and cracks send her cowering under the blankets. *

My daughter spits out cooked peas or bananas pieces if they’re the slightest bit mushy. *

My child gags when trying to swallow a pill. It’s only liquid antibiotics and chewable vitamins in my house. *

My child refuses to buy lunch at school. Even seeing apple sauce on her tray as dessert gives her the heeby jeebies. *

School picture day sends my son home in tears every year. The camera flashes hurt his sensitive eyes. *

My child refuses to change for gym class. She says the locker room is too stinky. *

My daughter loves rides, but can’t tolerate the long lines and crowds at carnivals. *

The gym teacher sent home a note. My son is in trouble again for tackling during flag football. *

No playground attraction competes with the merry-go-round. My son just wants to spin around faster and faster. *

My daughter loves salsa, the hotter the better, and she drinks pickle juice right out of the jar. *

We’ve switched to zip-up sweatshirts and Velcro sneakers. My child had too much trouble fastening buttons and tying laces. *

We tried gymnastics class, but our daughter was always falling off the balance beam or tripping over her own feet. *

My daughter tries so hard to keep up with the other kids in games like jumping rope, climbing trees, playing dress-up, and building with LEGOs, but she’s much clumsier than others her age and usually ends up in tears, saying that she’s “so dumb.” It breaks my heart, because she’s really smart! *

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