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Sometimes, the texture of a food is so repulsive that I have to spit it out. I would rather go hungry than eat a mushy banana. *

I prefer tagless shirts and seamless socks. I cut the tags out of my sweaters and would rather go naked than wear wool. *

Caftans are my favorite articles of clothing – anything that’s loose and flowy. *

I love a good dip in the pool, but walking through the sand to get to the ocean or a lake ruins the fun of a swim. *

I love my significant other, but hate when he or she wraps me in a big bear hug. Likewise, being in a crowded elevator with more than four people makes me want to break out and run. *

When I’m in the car with other people, I’m always asking, “Can we turn down the radio volume?” *

The sound of a dripping faucet or a crack of sunlight coming in from around my shades can wake me out of the deepest sleep. *

Flickering lights — or even worse, strobe lights — send me over the edge. I’m instantly nauseous. *

I avoid walking through the perfume department at all costs, and I can’t tolerate a scented candle burning in my house — even the most subtle one. *

There’s nothing more thrilling than riding in the first car of a daredevil rollercoaster, except maybe riding my road bike at top speed and zip-lining from tree tops. *

When everyone else is sweating or shivering, I’m usually somewhere in the middle. *

I can’t get dressed or brush my teeth without looking in a mirror. I can’t find the seatbelt in my car without twisting to see it. When I type on the keyboard, I have to look at what my fingers are doing. *

I could never be a waitress. I’m constantly bumping into things, knocking stuff over, and generally tripping over my own feet. *

I have to print out address labels when I send holiday cards. The postman can’t read my writing! *

Public speaking is my worst nightmare. The bright spotlight, the possibility of falling off the stage, and the squawking mic make me very anxious. *

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