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You made your child’s favorite after-school snack, but she said she wasn’t hungry, and then only picked at her dinner. *

When the movie you wanted to see was sold out, your child burst into tears. *

Even though you have gone out of your way to cheer him up, your child still seems down in the dumps. *

Homework is always a struggle, but sometimes it seems like your child is incapable of even sitting down and getting started. *

She’s regularly a chatty Kathy at home after school, but can be eerily quiet for days or weeks on end. *

Even after a bedtime story, your child can’t seem to fall asleep, and wakes up in the middle of the night more often than not. *

He’s always been full of confidence, but lately has been saying things like, “All the other kids in class are smarter than me.” *

Your child is easily distracted, even when doing things she likes, such as making cookies with Mom. *

When you ask how recess was, your child says, “No one wanted to play with me.” *

Usually, he’s racing around the house after dinner asking everyone to come outside and play catch. Lately, he’s been a bump on a log even when you try to get him moving. *

Your child said she doesn’t want to have a birthday party this year because she doesn’t have any friends she would want to invite. *

Simple decisions, like what to wear in the morning, are lately extremely difficult to make. *

The teacher called, and lately his grades have been on a downward spiral. *

Your child is suddenly scared of monsters under the bed, and very jumpy at the slightest sounds. *

One or both of the child’s biological parents has a history of depression. *

His favorite video game has sat untouched for weeks, even when you offered to have friends over to play with. *

She usually loves to ride her bike up and down the block, but when the neighbor stops by for a ride, she says she is too tired. *

He doesn’t want to join the soccer team this year because he says, “I was never any good at it anyways. Why bother?” *

Your usually agreeable child is now a constant grump. *

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